Stars of the Week

Pleasanton Primary Student Services Clerk of the Week is Linda Garcia! Mrs. Garcia has done a great job welcoming new parents and students to our district. She works hard to support our parents and staff. Thank you for always being so flexible and being a great support for parents and teachers. We appreciate all your hard work! Keep it up!
Pleasanton Primary Star Teacher Assistant of the Week Lisa Gonzalez! Mrs. Gonzalez is always happy and positive. She works very hard to share her love of art with students. She also does an outstanding job providing interventions to students. Thank you for being such a hard worker and an amazing person! We appreciate all your support! Keep it up!
Pleasanton Primary Teacher of the Week is Brandi Burkett! Ms. B. Burkett is such a hardworking and caring teacher. She is always looking for ways to meet all her students learning and behavior needs. She has also been a great mentor teacher this year! Thank you so much for all that you do for our students and parents! We appreciate all your hard work! Keep it up!