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Track Our Learning

Look what we're doing!!!

We work very hard for our children to know all of their letters and sounds by Christmas break. When you work on letters and sounds with your child be sure to mix them up. Please do not practice them in order. We are also working with simple sight words which are eventually added to our Word Wall. After the Christmas break we will focus more on blending letters to make words to become readers. The children are very excited about becoming readers. When they realize that they have read a book with you their little eyes light up! This is a wonderful feeling for your child as well as for myself! We continue to work on routines and rules in the classroom so that the children will become more confident, independent workers. Thank you for your cooperation!

We Learn Many Skills...

Language Arts


Reading, Reading, Reading

Learning to read is one of our most important objectives in Kindergarten.

At Pleasanton Primary we work with a leveled reading program. Some young children are Still Developing (SD) skills needed to read. Others are beginning to read. Those first books they read are Level A books. These books have many sentences that are similar or are patterned. As a child becomes more familiar with these patterned books and they begin to use strategies to figure out unknown words, they move up to a more difficult level. Level B. Our Goal for all kindergarten children is to read at a Level C. These books are less patterned. Children must be able to use multiple strategies to learn new words and read Level C and above books.


Some of the skills that children need to be successful readers and are taught in kindergarten are:

*Letter recognition                                                                                                                                     *Concepts of Print
*Phonemic Awareness
*Phonics Skills

At Pleasanton Primary we work at writing in Writer’s Workshop.

Traits of Writing emphasized:                             Writing Applications:
*Ideas                                                                           *Complete sentences                                           *Sentence Fluency                                                  *Personal Narrative                                           *Conventions

Math     1,      2,      3   .   .   .

Most of us think about numbers when we think math. At Pleasanton Primary math is a whole lot more. There are many objectives taught in Kindergarten to help children make sense of their world.

*Number Sense
*Measurement                                                                                                                                                *Money                                                                                                                                                            *Addition
*Problem Solving


Character Counts!

There are six characteristics that make a good citizen. We teach these here at the Primary. The purpose of these traits is not only to have the children believe in and practice these here at school but to remember them and do so elsewhere outside of school. Eventually they become part of the students' moral integrity. Here are the six traits as well as the pledge we say each morning:

"I promise to practice the Six Pillars of Good Character.

To be trustworthy. To be fair. To show respect. To be responsible. To be caring. To be a good citizen. And to always have the courage to do the right thing."

Character counts at the Primary!