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Kindergarten Goals

Kindergarten Goals




Learning to read is an important goal for our kindergarten students. Read to and with your child on a daily basis for 15 minutes to support comprehension and to show your child the importance of reading. Also review letters and sounds to establish a strong foundation and understanding of reading. Our goal at Pleasanton Primary is to have all kindergarten students identify their letters and sounds independently by the end of the first semester. If your child is able to identify their letters and sounds, begin blending sounds to make words. Once your child begins reading, continue to encourage their accomplishment through different kinds of texts. Our goal for the second semester is to have all kindergarten students reading level A-C books. Please continue to reinforce reading strategies and read books that are sent home. Reading is essential to a successful education. Readers are leaders!   

First Semester Kindergarten Goals      

Recognize all letters and sounds independently,

recognize high frequency words: is, the, like, to, put, we, my, can, I, am, it do, see;

count to 50 independently,

recognize numbers 0-10,

count objects to 10

End of the Year Kindergarten Goals

Read level A-C books independently,

recognize high frequency words: 

have, here, you, look, and, could, not, said, come, me, was, what, because;

count to 100 independenlty,

recognize numbers 0-20,

count objects to 20